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All summer long Whammy! is proud to bring you a never-before-screened episodic series by Lindsay Denniberg loosely based off of and following her feature film Video Diary of a Lost Girl (2012) - "WHAT'S IN PANDORA'S TALK BOX?"

Following the supernatural body horror adventures of Michael's family at the video store, his sister Pandora has created a living TV made out of human flesh, with access to channels from other dimensions! Channel surf every universe in this MST3K inspired monstrosity!

Every month we'll dive into the WIPTB? episodes chronologically, 3 screened for each night. Each episode showcases a lineup of experimental and indie shorts highlighted in the form of late night cable access authentic to a bygone TV era of watching whatever is on.

Additionally, each month Whammy! will showcase different work and filmmakers involved in these specific episodes. This month Kate Shults' Colonialtown Babylon (2017) will be screened on Sunday June 23rd. Find advanced tickets here.

Episode 1:
In our first episode we wake up with Triscults, steal a haunted fur coat, look for the third eye of Medusa, and hop around psychedelic nightclubs with a cat lady.

Episode 2:
Boogita and C.A.S.S. watch apartment wrestling while Pandora channel surfs new coordinates to other dimensions. In todays episode we sit back with some alien porn, visit Dungina with Triscults, and watch cute cats dance the dance of the seven veils!

Episode 3:
Michael and Pandora fight about the future of the family business, driving their father crazier then a shitting Cthulhu! In todays episode we continue with some more alien porn, join Triscults at dance practice, and show and tell some more important human items.

dir. Lindsay Denniberg, United States, digital projection

90 min total runtime

7:30 DOORS


General Admission
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