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Videos From the Trash Dimension, is a recurring anarchist/diy video series that releases episodes online and screens them in person in various cities. Episodes are released and screened on a semi-regular basis. We showcase Anarchist, Queer, DIY, Director-less, and money-less videos. We screen features, shorts, fiction, non-Fiction, video zines, communiques, music videos, animations, you name it.

Feel free to submit your video at:

This Whammy Analog! Screening will be the Los Angeles Premier of Videos from the Trash Dimension!

All ticket proceeds will go to the defense fund for Stop Cop City in Atlanta!

VFTTD Episode 1 consists of a program of short video zines and a microfeature titled “it’s still today here”

Intro and Target Commercial (Clips)

Black Skin, Black Masks (Video Zine)

Anarchist Film Doesn't Exist (Video Zine)

it's still today here (35 minute microfeature)

“It is to see what position [it's still today here] comes from. Is it deriding on all the l33t paranoid militant subculture or showing the harms done to a person who dared being at odds with order? Anarchism a religion with its martyrs and saints? The blurry open-ended way in which these themes are expressed is great. Anarchy deserves nothing less than these abstract forms of art-house productions. Legibility is for managers and gurus.”

‍Screening co-presented by The Public School Los Angeles

“The Public School Los Angeles is a space for radical communal self-education: free and open to everyone to propose classes, teach, or participate.”

50 Minute Program followed by Q and A with a “filmmaker” and open discussion on anarchist video.

7:30 doors

8pm screening

General Admission
Member Tickets