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THE LOVERS Sneak Peek & Fundraiser Presented by LMNOP

LMNOP returns to the microcinema with a sneak peak of their original series THE LOVERS, offering 4 episodes up for your viewing pleasure! Party with some of the cast and crew, enjoy some special drinks and help them cross the post-production finish line!

Sex. Magic. Sanitizer. A love story for the New Age. 🔮 💦 🎥


A retired dungeon owner, internet astrologer, erotic cinema company, fitness-witch, infected host of supernatural stirrings, and nostalgic sex worker, all navigate their way through confusing new choices in quarantine 2020: technology vs. embodiment, pleasure vs. risk, isolation vs. community, evolution vs. illusion. The series explores the intersection of the sacred and the erotic and asks what living in full alignment with our values and communities can look like now that everything has changed.

Using the pandemic as both subject matter and creative constraint, THE LOVERS community cinema project is in its final stages of post-production. Ticket sales and donations help us complete the final sound mix and color correction by local queer rockstars Christy Greenwood and Steff Walk, respectively.

7 pm - soiree

8 pm - screening

General Admission
Member Tickets