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The History of Labor in the Animation Industry w/ Stephanie Delazeri

Join us in the Whammy! microcinema for an educational talk with animator, researcher and LA native, Stephanie Delazeri, about the exciting history of unions, strikes and wage disputes between animation studios and their workers since the inception of the industry.

The talk will also address the way studios have manipulated the historiography of this topic in order to disconnect modern animation workers from their history and weaken collective power.

We will locate our present moment in the history of the industry's labor struggles in order to help people better understand why animation is still an exploitative industry today. By sharing this information with both animation workers and animation fans, the ongoing fights for better wages and working conditions in the industry can be strengthened with the experience of those who have come before.

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2 PM - 4 PM

During normal shop hours: 12 PM - 7PM

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