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TAPE Presents: Short Documentaries by Agnès Varda

TAPE takes over the microcinema with shorts by the cinéma vérité master with Short Documentaries by Agnès Varda.

Agnès Varda's filmography is vast, varied, and marked by her boundless energy and willingness to implicate the viewer in the experience. To watch a film by Varda is to participate in the act of creation. Throughout her creative life, she made narrative work, documentary, and a blend of the two. She found a unique pleasure in the short documentary form after being commissioned by the French Tourism Board to make travelogues early in her career. In these early works her playful filmic style for documentaries is already present, a style that captures beauty through composition and deeply empathetic filmmaking, and absurdity in the play between real and staged moments.

While visiting California, Varda made Uncle Yanco (1968) and Black Panthers (1970), two portraits that differ wildly in subject matter but highlight what is unique about her perspective and style. In Uncle Yanco, Varda captures the excitement of meeting her beatnik uncle by exposing the artifice of the film to share the act of creating with the viewer and with her subject. Black Panthers is void of this playful style, though it’s in the choice of what she shares in the frame that her sensibility still comes across: how joy and love can persevere and act as catalysts for action.





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