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Night 04 of the MONO NO AWARE residency at Whammy!

In this workshop participants will be introduced to the process of bulk loading your own 35mm motion picture film to use as still film for photography. The ability to spool your own film will open a whole new world of film stock options for still photographers; discontinued film, short ends and rare stocks. Each participant will learn how to bulk load from larger cores of 35MM motion picture film into still film carts, we’ll discuss how to identify stocks for sale, resources for purchasing in the future, the relationship between emulsion and chemistry, how to shoot an exposure test to better understand its limitations and its possibilities as a still camera film. We’ll spool down one roll together, conduct an exposure test, then develop the film as a group to identify the proper exposure. This process can help you to achieve new looks within your still photography practice, or allow you to location scout for an upcoming moving image project. Each participant will take home an additional 5 rolls of 36exp. film (!) to shoot and process at a later date! Bring your own 35mm still camera, then all film stock, canisters, chemicals and related equipment will be provided for. 

7 - 10 PM @ WHAMMY! 

INCLUDES: 3 hours of instruction and hands-on learning with instructors, 35mm still film canisters, loading bag, cellulose tape, scissors, 35mm spirals, developing tank, fresh chemistry and dark room access.  +PLUS+ a range of color and BW film stocks for spooling down.  Course packet with technical information.

Mono No Aware is a non-profit organization working to promote connectivity through the cinematic experience. Established in 2007, MONO maintains a full service motion picture learning lab in downtown Brooklyn where they; present public film screenings, organize affordable workshops, facilitate equipment rentals, distribute film stock, commission moving image work and program a bi-annual exhibition for contemporary artists and international filmmakers whose work incorporates Super 8mm, 16mm, 35mm or altered light projections as part of a live performance or installation.

Co-presented by TAPE - a Los Angeles based 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to facilitating support for analog media through free digitizing, education, hands-on training, equipment rentals and volunteer opportunities.

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