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Night 03 of the MONO NO AWARE residency at Whammy!

Learn how to capture moving macro images on 16mm film using the Bolex camera, lenses, and extension tubes!  We’ll cover everything you need to know in order to measure, calculate and expose properly for capturing images VERY VERY CLOSE UP! Each participant will have hands on experience of working with the camera and the experience of creating macro moving images.   Bring your fruits and veggies, tiny objects and textures to explore through this very special lens.   Participants of this workshop will learn a basic understanding of the camera, then we’ll compose and capture objects in extreme close up onto Kodak’s Vision3 Color Negative film stock.  Covering all aspects of the process we’ll discuss light loss and compensation, how to determine the focal length, and other tips to ensure stunning images. 

Participants will receive hands-on experience, access to all the tools and equipment necessary, supporting documents, fresh film stock and more.  All materials, equipment and lab services are included! 

The fully timed color work print will premiere at a free screening party on Sunday March 3rd at WHAMMY! 

7 - 10 PM @ WHAMMY! 

INCLUDES: 3 hours of instruction and hands-on learning with instructors, shared access to camera equipment (Bolex Camera, filters kit and rewind key), Kodak Vision3 16 mm COLOR NEGATIVE film stock, ECN-II lab processing services, a 100' color work print, ECP processing services,  Course packet with technical information.  You'll retain your projection-ready work print and be provided a 2K transfer from your camera negative original by MONO NO AWARE, online hosting and delivery of finished film, a list of local & international film festival entry waivers.  Plus your film will premiere at a venue TBA, free to attend for friends and family.

Mono No Aware is a non-profit organization working to promote connectivity through the cinematic experience. Established in 2007, MONO maintains a full service motion picture learning lab in downtown Brooklyn where they; present public film screenings, organize affordable workshops, facilitate equipment rentals, distribute film stock, commission moving image work and program a bi-annual exhibition for contemporary artists and international filmmakers whose work incorporates Super 8mm, 16mm, 35mm or altered light projections as part of a live performance or installation.

Co-presented by TAPE - a Los Angeles based 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to facilitating support for analog media through free digitizing, education, hands-on training, equipment rentals and volunteer opportunities.

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