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ReaRflex: Loose Definition (borders, proximity, and domestic objects)

Join Whammy! as we welcome the autonomous filmmakers collective 後照鏡 ReaRflex visiting from Taiwan!

後照鏡 ReaRflex is a Taiwanese experimental filmmakers collective focusing on artist-self-organized micro-cinema events since 2021. Mostly based in Taipei, this special edition features Hsin-Yu Chen, who has been showing work in many of ReaRflex’s screening series, to curate a program while he visits Los Angeles. The following program is organized by Hsin-Yu Chen and Jessi Ali Lin, with the support of Erica Sheu.

Loose Definition (borders, proximity, and domestic objects)

From the bodies and objects situated between borders and imaginary spaces to the measurement of the immaterial, in the 8 works by filmmakers and artists, naming and positioning becomes an ever-changing slippery process. Our relation to image, statehood, and identities collapse and expand, both physically and metaphorically.

Featured artists include Hsin-Yu Chen, Jessi Ali Lin, Illya Mousavijad, Ruotong Zhao, Chloe Brenan, and Kyuri Jeon.


Beigu Islet (Hsin-Yu Chen, 12’, hd video, color, 2022)

Around the World 2023 (Ruotong Zhao, 11’, hd video, color, 2023)

Semiotics of the Home (Jessi Ali Lin & Hsin-Yu Chen, 8', hd video, color, 2023)

Between a Lost Home and a Losing Destination (Illya Mousavijad, 7', hd video, color, 2020-2022)

Born, Unborn, and Born Again (Kyuri Jeon, 12', hd video, color, 2020)

Still Life I & III (installation documentation excerpt) (Jessi Ali Lin, 5', hd video, color, 2019 & 2021)

BIPM (Hsin-Yu Chen, 3', super 8mm digital transfer, b/w+color, 2023)

Different Dusts (Chloe Brenan, 7', super 8mm digital transfer, color, 2021)

Runtime: ~ 60 min

The screening will be followed by a Q&A session with Hsin-Yu Chen and Jessi Ali Lin.

7:30 pm doors

8 pm screening

General Admission
Member Tickets