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IMG 0000 (2023) Premiere Event

Witness the boundless spectacle of the world through the eyes of the people who call it home!

IMG 0000 (2023) is a symphony of raw video clips mined from the depths of YouTube — a feature-length exposition transporting us into the intimate realms of ordinary people from around the globe – their homes, vacations, & school presentations!

IMG 0000 is a modern throwback to pre-narrative films of the 19th century. Just as the cinema of the Lumière brothers documented train stations and bustling crowds of factory workers, our trove of unwitting videographers capture and share the images of everyday life — a new form of observational cinema!

IMG 0000 harnesses thousands of video clips into a phantasmagoric extraction of the precious human resource — join us as we take a first-person leap into the global camera roll!


Featuring edits from: Nathan Barrios, Pierce Campion, Cassidy Carroll, Cleveen Dominguez, Jeremiah Durian-Williams, Collin Lapinsky, Clay Lorant-Saldana, Clara Ribot, Brad Roelandt, Meghan Sullivan, and Loose Meat

dir. Brad Roelandt & Collin Lapinsky, 2023, digital projection

60 min

7:30 doors

8p show

General Admission
Member Tickets