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Fleischer Cartoons - Spooky, Pre-Code, New Restorations

Fleischer Cartoons is back in the Whammy! Microcinema for a block of spooky and 'Pre-Code' films from the legendary Fleischer Studios. New HD restorations featuring Betty Boop, Koko the Clown and more will be making their West Coast debut after a premiere at MOMA earlier this year.

Exciting new negative scans of original Fleischer toons are creating a whole new appreciation for one of the major, influential and innovative giants of the golden era of studio animation. For many audience's first times, these animations will be viewed like never before in our lifetimes. Come be dazzled by these unique and entertaining creations by the Fleischer studios.

~80 min runtime

7:30 PM Doors

8 PM Screening

General Admission
Member Tickets