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Seven Years in the Making. Underground cyber-pop film festival transports you to a dreamscape of cinematic femtasy.

LEFUFF presents FEMTASIA FEST, a two day film festival and vendor fair devoted to highlighting women, femme, and non-binary experimental and independent filmmakers. Featuring raffles and prizes.

Showcase B consists of:

Youth and Altered States- Narrative Films (1hr 18 mins)

1. Post-Citrus Directed by Madison Hatfield

2. All Over Everywhere Directed by Katie O'Grady

3. Deferment Directed by Lilly Lion

4. Play Date Directed by Lindsay Harbert

5. Suspension Directed by Dulcinee DeGuere

6. Taming Kate Directed by Maria Belafonte

7. Pistachio Chocolate Directed by Zaïda Ghorab

Gore GAL-ore- Horror and Genre (1hr 2 mins)

1. Could This Have Been An Email Directed by Nicole Kemper and Sarah Alison Hodges

2. The Marinn Company Directed by Emma Swider

3. Mudmonster Directed by O.B. De Alessi

4. Snow White/Snjeguljica Directed by Lana Baric

Check out our vendors during the pre-show including Stupid Kitsch an online shop of quirky fashions made by small women/BIPOC/LGBTQ+ owned brands, Zines! by Tori Holder, and Loren Armstrong StudiosVisual selling prints, drawing, paintings, and stickers.

Les Femmes Underground International Film Festival (LEFUFF) is an official 501c3 traveling non-profit which showcases films directed, written, or produced by women, femme, and non-binary experimental and independent filmmakers. Having traveled all throughout the Southwest, our programming includes experimental, genre, narrative, documentary, psychotropic, and films that explore the definition of sexuality.

7:00 doors

7:30p show

General Admission
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