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Davey B. Gravey's Tiny Cinema: UP UP AND AWAY!

Davey B. Gravey's Tiny Cinema is a cinema that's even more micro than our own -- it's a 4-seat mobile cinema hidden inside of a cargo trailer.

Dr. Davey B. Gravey, a jovial, time-travelling usher/projectionist/accompanist, screens short, silent Super 8 films and plays live music accompaniment in the tradition of pre-talkie cinema, but with modern musical sounds that breathe fresh emotional life into the old styling. It's experiential film performance art that you kinda just have to try to fully understand it. Trust us, it's a very fun and unique film experience!

This event is celebrating the world premiere of a new original Tiny Movie made especially for the Tiny Cinema, entitled UP, UP AND AWAY. The film was shot on (and will be projected on) Super 8 Ektachrome film. Dr. Gravey will be cycling people through the Tiny Cinema to experience the film in small groups. But don't fret, there'll be some fun things happening inside Whammy! to enjoy while you wait for your group to experience UP, UP AND AWAY:

From 7-8pm DANIELLE WAKIN will be glitching out some videos and creating some homebrew-holograms to live beats inside the Whammy! microcinema.

After that there'll be a Q&A panel discussion with the filmmaker and mastermind behind UP, UP AND AWAY and the Tiny Cinema, David B. Weaver, as well as some of the crew members from the production. And beside Whammy!'s usual fare of excellent tapes and other video collectibles you'll find a tiny marketplace of intriguing art vendors.


UP, UP AND AWAY tells the story of a magical Bard that uses the musical power of his bass guitar to fuel his hot air balloon. He's on a mythical quest in pursuit of a legendary object known as The Harmonic Amplifier, so that he may ascend in his balloon to a place known as the Rainbow Realm. But fate may have other things in store for this magical Balloon Bard after he meets a beautiful and grounded flute-playing Busker...

dir. David B. Weaver, 2023, super 8 film projection


6pm doors/Tiny Movie screenings begin

7pm Danielle Wakin video glitch performance in the microcinema

8pm UP, UP AND AWAY filmmaker panel discussion

General Admission
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