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As part of our on-going summer series for "What's In Pandora's Talk Box" by Lindsay Denniberg, we will screen different features and films by filmmakers showcased and involved in the show episodes - for our first installment we present Colonialtown Babylon by Kate Shults.

An Orlando DV-tape oddity, Colonialtown Bablyon possesses a found footage quality while striking a wholly different narrative structure. Dark, moody and rich with video artifacts highlighting an unseen but felt core of ambiguity, simultaneously obscured and centered within a deliberate use of the tape medium.


A phone is missing in the nocturnal haze of Orlando’s Colonialtown neighborhood. Predators are hidden in plain sight, Philip Marlowe is a piece-of-shit Ex, and a mysterious coven seeks revenge in the name of all women. This feminist adaptation of Raymond Chandler’s novel The Big Sleep explores the power of looking and the limits of control over one’s own images.

dir. Kate Shultz, 2017, United States, digital projection

48 min

7:30 pm DOORS


Kate Shults works in video and installation, exhibiting her work in film festivals, galleries, and in collaboration with live musicians. Her work primarly concerns the ethos and landscapes of Florida, textures of digital images, and the use of obsolete video technology. Kate has screened in the U.S. and abroad, including at Antimatter Media Arts, the San Diego Underground Film Festival, and as a contributor to the Remodernist Film anthology, In Passing.

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