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Chaki’s Summertime Sleaze Series: SURF II (1984)

One night each month this summer, beach-sleaze will take over the microcinema as Chaki the funkwizard presents some of his all time favorites films of the genre -

Surf’s up, punks! Join us for 3 weeks of sun, surf, mohawks, bikinis, bazookas, and Charles Grodin as local funk punker and self-proclaimed “Expert On All Things Sleazy and Beachy” Chaki brings us 3 of the most off-the-wall beach party movies of the 80s. In the 1980’s culture was low, cocaine was plentiful and the beach was still cheap to film a movie on! These are movies that are meant to be seen with a crowd of sickos, nerds, weirdos, and dweebs, so don’t be left out in the cold! (Chaki)

SURF II: The End of the Trilogy

“The #1 most off-the-wall and ingenious teen sex comedy of the ’80s" - Mike “McBeardo” McPadden


Conceived and written in two days while writer/director Randall Badat was “whacked out of (his) gourd on Demerol.” Surf II is perhaps the greatest example of the gonzo, anything-goes language of the 80’s beach party movie. With insane set pieces, ultra-creative production, million-mile-an-hour jokes, a killer cast, and a bitchin' soundtrack featuring Oingo Boingo, The Beach Boys, and Wall of Voodoo, Surf II will get you all buzzed up for the summer.

dir. Randall M. Badat, 1984, digital projection

7:30 doors

8p show

General Admission
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